I put in my profile new things :)

Look my profile :slight_smile:




Why Are You Typing Like This


Im Making A Gift Card Generator

why do you have to say that everywhere

here is your reply

hi im a reply

are you happy now

Dont buy the survey remover its a scam

yes im still going to say this

Are you serious about that?
After that You’ll get a virus :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the original file im serious

“Gift Card Generator”
Yay finally now i can get a virus easily!

also you also had a download of the survey remover on a shady site. when clicking the download link. it required you to install a app (which looking on the app’s files had a miner inside).

also that download is a fucking virus. obscure antiviruses detect it as trojan. (yes @appledoo i know that symantec isn’t obscure)

that isn’t the first time someone on messengergeek tried to “infect” us. A guy called Alejandro Cermelo made a app called “Escargot Explorer” which i heard was a virus disguised as a a IE container. However when i checked it was just a generic IE container with no malware.

However the survey remover was already scanned by some person in late-2017.

symantec is not obscure :roll_eyes:

“For make a Hackinstosh”

Ah yes i remember when Pedrox tried to Hackintosh earlier this month but i guess it failed? That was on the YahVitalized discord before he got kicked/banned.

From how many discord server did he got banned ?

mg, snailscape, yahvitalized


yeah the only discord server i see Pedrox on is Endermite’s Linked Globally server.

for making a hackintosh

oh, you mean use the first result for OS X Mavericks in piratebay? Niresh? Pathetic

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its beacuse i dont have a mac

:man_facepalming: Gift Card Generators arent real

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That’s the most blatant scamming attempt I have ever seen. You’ll have to try better than that if you want my money @PXPedrox

It’s like those Indian “tech support” guys.