I present you... YellowBot!


YellowBot is my newest creation with @yellows111 featuring commands and more!

  • Hates WINKS
  • Tells the AIM server death

And actually more! We are updating every hour to bring new commands!
Thank you!

email: yellowbot@yellow.net

EDIT: I almost forgot, the help command is y!help to see commands and things
EDIT 2: It’s a different email now.

Is there any MSN bots out there?

you forgot the fact that i made the original code before i figured out how to make the commands, then you wanted to make some commands, then YellowBot was truly born.

Don’t take credit for something that isn’t yours.


I did credit you, didn’t i?


would @fire and @ice share their source code for their bots?


NO and no.
Make your own bot, we don’t give ANYTHING and NO SOURCE CODE for our bot since nobody CARED when i asked how to make a BOT.

I’m not giving source code and neither @ice (aka @yellows111) and @fire (aka @deathlife23) will give the source code


did you use this one: http://kwerty.com/Messenger-Library/ for BOT Creation?


We didn’t use that crap documentation.
And don’t think we are gonna release HOW we made it in a documentation.
You are irritant.


nah, I don’t get Visual Studio, not even Code, so of course, we have to use native ways to make software, only @fire has Visual Basic 2008 Express, i don’t have ANY Microsoft Visual Series Software.


Well that’s kind of mean… :confused:


he doesn’t C(++), ever, god even the Messenger Plus! Scripting Documentation can get annoying on first read.

(yes i read it now, it’s a .NET library, don’t scream at me)


I checked out the library above. Looks neat and pretty simple to use. I really don’t see a need for myself to write a bot though, so… heh.


if only the bot SDK from 2003 worked, sadly, it needs a special server. (hint: it’s from the contest where you submitted a bot)

PS: if only the Alerts SDK didn’t work with ONLY Windows XP / 2000


there is no escape


@ice do you still have BuddyScript SDK for MSN Messenger somewhere (because this site is dead: https://buddyscript.conversagent.com/msnoffer.html)


thanks for that link, i forgot where i put it though… may re-download.

alerts.msn.com is online


yeah, link is down, even in the IA.


YellowBot 1.0.1c will release soon.
There will be 2 new commands: y!stats, and y!flipcoin

You may see YellowBot updates slower because of the new Version system we will introduce after 1.0.1c.


He’s offline


how in fuc
your not even on my list ew

also, thread-bumping.