I need translators for the new Escargot website

Damn it, Craftplacer beat me to doing German.

I already translated most of it except the FAQ which still needs to be done.


I’m going to translate italian version!


@RioMcCloud @Balazs_V @veselcraft @lh11
Could you please update your files with the new one (v3)? I’m so sorry :bowing_man:

Spanish it is finished?


Finished it, I improved the translation too:
Translation for New Escargot Site - PT-BR.zip (8,0 KB)

And a little error: you repeated the word “Hebrew” twice, replacing “Hungarian” with it on line 146 (I fixed it on PT-BR translation)


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Yeah, I fixed it in the latest V3 version of the file

By the way, I translated v2 (you uploaded the v3 while I was translating). Will I have to redo it?

you would have to change just a few lines (like 6 or 7)

fixed version
ru.zip (9,2 КБ)

Gonna translate this to Lithuanian

what did you modify?

I don’t think i will be able to translate all the French, since some words used in the file are hard to translate.

FR unfinished.zip (7.9 KB)

Only the FAQ and Patch instructions aren’t done.

Here for you italian

italian translation.zip (6,8 KB)

Hope there are not bugs… In case please contact me

you fucking cunt why did you made v3

that i guess

I think a more easier and organized solution is to make a human-readable form with all the columns that need to be translated, then you can insert the submitted data in the JSON yourself.