I need translators for the new Escargot website

Hi, all!
As you see in the title, I’m about to finish the new site, and it features translation to virtually any language, but this is not magic, the text has to come from somewhere, and as I only know Spanish and English, I need you to help me.

Language file.zip (7.8 KB)

Inside the zip archive, there’s a json file, which I suggest you to edit with Notepad++ or Sublime Text, where you will have something like this:

Now, let me teach you a little bit about json:
-BLUE (Json double quotes, colon and comma): Allow the parser to recognize what is a key, what is a value, etc.
You shouldn’t touch them, as it’s crucial not to do so.

-RED (Key name): Allows the script to know what element of the page the text belongs to.
This is another thing you should not change.

-PURPLE (Backslash escape character): Allows the parser to differentiate between Json double quotes and text double quotes.
If you remove the backslash before it, there will be errors and if you’re using Sublime Text, it will warn you that you screwed something up highlighting it in purple.
However, you shouldn’t put a backslash before a single quote/apostrophe (’), as it’s unnecessary to do so.

-YELLOW (HTML tag): Just don’t touch them, unless you know what you’re doing and you know HTML.
Just don’t touch anything that’s between a “<” and a “>”.

-GREEN (Text): This is where you come in. This is the part that is actual english text and you should try your best to translate to your language.

One more thing. In line 35, where the footer of the index page is located, there’s a part where you can enter your name/nickname [inside the tag], website (if you have one) or MessengerGeek profile [after “href=”, your favourite color [after “id=”] and the language you translated the page to [before the tag].
If you don’t want credits (which I don’t believe, since it’s going to take you at least 1 and a half hours to do the entire document), just delete that part.

You can send the translated file through a reply in this thread, but it’d be better if you sent it to my email: crurbox@gmail.com

I think that’s everything you should know.

Thanks in advance for your help and see you later!


Languages already supported:
-Portuguese (Brazil)
-Hungarian [Patching instructions missing]
-French [FAQ & Patching instructions missing]
-Polish [FAQ & Patching instructions missing]
-German [Partially translated FAQ]


Translated to Brazilian Portuguese:
pt-br.zip (7,8 KB)
Also, I sent by email :stuck_out_tongue:

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oops… There seems to be some errors here. (I’ll fix them for u this time, tho)
you forgot to close some values
(it should be "dl-msg": "Baixar o MSN",)
and confused the use of escape characters
(it should be [...] \"Suporte ao MSN antigo\" [...])

Everything else seems to be good :slight_smile:

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Nope, is “Antigo”, not Antiguo.

Oh, my bad

French ! I can do French !

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Hungarian translate:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: expected ',' or '}' after property value in object at line 18 column 257 of the JSON data

hu_fixed.zip (6.8 KB)

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Will gonna translate to Polish. Just wait 1hr or so.

I can do Turkish, you need to wait a while though.

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NOTE: I won’t translate FAQ since i don’t want to fuck up meaning of it.

I was going to offer portuguese translation, but it was the first one to be done lol

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Almost finishing… Still, I won’t translate FAQ.

Translate to Russian | Перевод на Русский
ru.zip (8,9 КБ)

I can’t translate the “How to patch by yourself” now, since i feel sick. I’ll gonna finish it when i’ll surely be not sickpl.rar (145,8 KB)
Polish (pl) | Polski.

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I’m on it


The FAQ is hell.


I know, right? xD

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