I need help with my website

It’s not about MSN, but still, it’s about my project.

I created a little company called the “DevTeam”, and I need help to develop the website, because before doing anything, we need the website, and We want to give a retro feeling to it, like from 2000 to 2003.

Please help !

Kind regards

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What kind of website do you wanna create? (I’m “programming” at HTML5+CSS3)

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Hold on, i’m sending pics

I want it to look like that…

Not that complete with “Shopping” “Event tickets”… Just basic stuff like “Projects” “Downloads” and “About us”
(Of course with the Home tab)

Uhh it is problematic for me. Do you have an other website which do you wanna remake?

I may have an other one

Is this okay ?

It better than previous. I think i can rebuild it in html + css without any js or php script. I will write you on escargot maybe tomorrow

Cool ! Have you add me in ur MSN list ?

I think i added you for a long time ago. But if no then my email address is balazsuser@hotmail.com

ok !

r u online on Escargot ? (MSN)

Now im not