I need help with my laptop (Dell Venue 11 Pro)

Hi, as you know my laptop is dying. Almost everyday, I had other laptop before i bought Dell, It was always broked and, we payed many money for repair and, Nothing! Well i hope this wont happend with my Dell because i have a lot of work on this laptop, Im now using it in Safe Mode but on welcome screen he just turns off, maybe i can do something by myself (your help also) or get it to Repair store

Thanks who wants to help :_(

Hi, I wanna ask some questions first:
Is any Windows PE or Linux Distribution causing the same issue?
Is it suddenly turning off?
Is your laptop having odd or loud sounds? Or is it oddly more quiet than before?
what’s your Laptop Company and Model? Have their hardware been changed? What’s the Operating System currently running?
Have the Technician told anything about the issue? Did they fixed but just for some days? Have they told anything technical about it? What they thought the issue was about?

it alrealdy worked) its just needet to take a break