I need help to log in to MSN 7.5 on Windows XP

*I really hope someone can help me, I just don’t know what to do anymore :frowning: thanks!

Problem description: I bought an IBM machine with Windows XP as the OS. I installed MSN 7.5 and logged in without any problems. Went to sleep, closed my computer, came back the next day and it’s not working anymore.

Error code/error message: Sometimes it tells me my username is non-existant or I typed the wrong password and sometimes it tells me they can’t connect me to MSN for the moment and to try again later.

What has been tried so far: I have two MSN adresses so I tried to log in with my other one and it worked but my main adress is still not working. I tried deleting everything ‘‘MSN related’’ that was already on the computer, still not working. Looked up on forums and tried everything they recommended, still not working. Uninstalled and re-installed it at least 10 times, still not working. I think the only thing I can do at this point is to create a new MSN adress and start all over again and I don’t really feel like it you know?

Messenger version: 7.5 Pre-patched

Windows version: Windows XP

assuming you’re getting 80048821, open internet explorer and go to m1.escargot.log1p.xyz and if you get any error (except for the HTTP 404 error) you are having connection problems and need to update your certificate stores/disable SSL, enable TLS

and I have it just press the sign in button and maybe it’s lucky