I need help (Old phone thing)

I recently found my old T-Mobile Zest phone (It is old) and this phone has photos of my dead cat. but i can’t get to these photos as there is a code i have forgotten. (Not SIM Code) the message reads “Input phone lock code” How do i get past this? (just for reference here is what the phone looks like:image )

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alrighty we should start with type of usb, is it mini or micro usb?

It seems to be micro USB, but if the CNET review is to be believed, data might not be supported anyway.

There’s an SD card, but I bet the pictures aren’t stored on it by default.

There’s no good info that would have any guarantee of not wiping the storage. If it were me, I’d put it back in a drawer and then when the world is in a better place, go ask in a T-Mobile shop (or ring them up) when they aren’t busy, as they’ll have access to service manuals and unlock codes.

One thing to help with searching however, a better name for this phone is the ZTE Zest, and that gives somewhat better results.

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is the old sim card in it? If so put it in a device you have access to,and see what the phone number is. Default is last 4 normally unless changed

micro usb

there is no sim

when i found that there’s no data cable

sorry but there’s no way

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