I need beta/microsoft MVP versions of messenger

if someone have them put a download link to them if not ill ask @TReKiE

kids from the forum are so weird
i can’t

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Stop please. and also what messenger? Facebook or WLM?


I’m actually not quite sure what you’re asking for. Most (or all) of the significant beta versions are in the public domain, and I’m not sure what a “MVP version” is.

I think what you might be asking for is internal builds, which no one can give you, as anyone who would have them legally is bound under a non-disclosure agreement.

There were some leaks of internal builds. I recall at least one MSN Messenger 7 build, as well as a leak for the second milestone release of Windows Live Messenger “2010” (later renamed 2011).

However, none of the internal builds are particularly interesting. The Messenger team was putting out at least one, if not two, releases per year, so what’s in the betas is what’s in the final product, except not everything works correctly.

Enthusiastic though :slight_smile:

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