I need a revival for lync 2010

lync 2010 is discontinued on 2020 since office 2010 and windows 7 are dead can somebody please make a revival?


What needs to be revived though? Lync will connect to LCS, OCS, and/or Lync Server fine. There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from using these.

Licensing and the some of the crazy dependencies notwithstanding anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

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well guess what microsoft is killing me

Microsoft teams!

what was lync used for tho?
i only know it because of its business chat thing

i think it is what skype for business replaced

I think I understand the confusion. Lync was never a public service you could connect to, it relies setting up your own server(s), over the internet or otherwise, and uses SIP as its protocol. So what you’re really looking for is someone to run a Lync-compatible SIP server. I did years ago, but it’s not really worth the effort. Although Lync does have some really interesting features, they’re mostly only good inside organizations and compatible deskphones. As a random example, Lync can set you to Busy automatically if there’s a meeting on your Outlook/Exchange calendar.

One fun fact™ is that Lync is a direct derivative of the Messenger codebase.

The upgrade path is:
Windows/MSN Messenger 4.x :arrow_forward: Windows Messenger 5.x :arrow_forward: Office Communicator :arrow_forward: Lync :arrow_forward: Skype for Business


i have teams