(I maybe found it, but is in portuguese)Someone give me genuine Windows XP SP3? (if says that is from 2007, don't worry, that is fully original)

Plz? image

search the internet archive there should be plenty available, ill try to find a link and edit this post
edit: this should work https://archive.org/details/WinXPProSP3x86

I believe that the best way to have a genuine Windows XP is to using an installation CD with a valid key.

Or just search archive.org for an ISO, but it’s not legal to use the keys there.

xp can be considered abandonware now, since microsoft cant profit from something thats 19 years old

Actually the one i have is with unattended install and activated copy. But looking around Internet Archive, I found this one good :slight_smile:

well yes, they can
they just choose not to

i for some reason have 2 physical discs of windows xp

Sorry but, I already tried this, and when I see that is not original, I post this, and yes, I tried that before make this post

hmm maybe you would have to download windows xp without service packs and then install sp3? i dont know for sure how to get what you want

oh, good idea