I Made A WLM Server, heres a pic before i start it. get excited!



chaet wandow


will it be stable enough to handle 7 billion accounts at the same time and will your isp handle the bandwidth usage?


daaaaaaaaaamn that’s one advanced server if i’ve seen one, it must use the ultra hi-tech technologies so unknown, that this is the only thing that can use them


hey, the UI form control isn’t what is important… the efficiency and stability of the backend handling the sockets is what it’s all about…


no registaer for u liol pravat


v2 and maybe v5 ill let this crap to download it doesnt work (now im serious lmao)


even if this is a joke this looks good lol


i might make a working one lol not sure


But can it djent?


Is this a joke or not? Is it a working server? Explain please


it plays sepultura - black hole sandman




omg I just did not understand


this is a joke lmao dont u see the forums are full of people saying “I WANT WLM NOW!” and yes, im looking at you @Leo_Historias




great! What visual studio or basic you created it


i don’t think my pc can run it… it looks preety advanced :S


yes it is no pc is able run only my intel pentium 1 133mhz will run better then you american pigs (THIS IS A FUCKING JOKE REFERRED TO A NORTH KOREAN VIDEO)