I made a Windows 98 pack ISO!

the download is here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AppMjFEIcKOKgyZxy5ulkJVbtdvN

Leave your program suggestions in the comments!

the current programs are Microsoft Plus!, Msn Messenger 4.6, microsoft entertainment pack - best of , AOL Instant Messenger 4.7, KernelEx, Messenger Plus! 3.63, Opera 9.52, Office 97 and Internet Explorer 6.0.



List the programs included on the ISO and edit that list when new programs get added.

Update. Windows 98 Pack Version 2.0 has been released! This update adds Office 97, IE 6, MSN Messenger 4.6 and Messenger Plus! 3.63. link in the first post has been updated to take you to version 2.0. if you want version 1.4 message me on messengergeek or on MSN

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Why not add Messenger Plus! 1.1?
Link: http://download.messengergeek.com/MsgPlus-1.1-Setup.exe

Can anyone make a 98SE ISO that has all the patches and the unofficial SP3 because i hate these bloatware ISOs

Sorry about the current Microsoft Entertainment Pack - Best of VBRUN100.DL_ error! I’m currently working on getting it fixed and the new update will be out ASAP. If you didn’t know this started out as me just using ISOs to copy files to a windows 98 VM. Than i realised “Hey this could be useful for other people too”.

Quick tip - if you download something from internet explorer as a . document change it to all files and place the extention on the name. .exe .mid are examples


The final major Windows 98 Pack is coming out tomorrow! I’ve posted most of the new features on discord but for the rest look forward to a noon release tomorrow!

Windows 98 Pack 2.1 Has been released! This version adds .net framework 2.0, SetEscargotServer.reg and Windows 98 Pack installer!

Download it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hLGmsU-Ha5jehyFLvtEMskPm2ItFwvdd

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Windows 98 Pack 2.2.1 has been released! This release is mostly fixes to small annoyances. This release changes the website link to send people to the new website and fixes the OK button in the about page so it doesn’t close the entire program anymore. You can download it on my Windows 98 Pack website

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I wish This get updated i want Skype (the cooler one :D) An '99 antivirus and VLC

the old skype versions that supported windows 98 (if any) don’t work anymore. i might be able to do something for vlc though. McAfee comes with Windows 98 Plus but i’ll still try to get it working.

sad for skype (the olds one) vlc does work and mcafee works defenetly

the only problem i see coming up is the 30 day trial that might be on the mcafee version i’m using

it’s just scan plus

i’m not exigent but add too icq if possible ^^

the old icq versions are dead too. it has AIM and Messenger though

nvm, i have a infamous problem

infamous problem?

yes i wanted to install the pack but it says MSCOREE.EXE IS NEEDED or dll i dont k,now