I made a Windows 95 Pack!

Because it’s damn near impossible to get programs on Windows 95

Version 2.0 Includes Messenger 4.7, IE 5.5 SP2,Opera, AIM 5.1, Windows 95 Service Pack 1, Messenger Patcher, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Patcher and Windows 95 Pack Installer. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16-ch2doM3d0q-3jYBg6O-1ujUismHJU1

If you want to test beta versions with me DM me on MessengerGeek, AOL Instant Messenger or MSN Messenger. My accounts are on my MG account


I made a website for it! Don’t judge me too hard because it’s my first time and it was made in frontpage 2003 https://windows95pack.neocities.org/

with f.lux installed it’s legit impossible to read that page

I’ve updated it to a light blue while i work on getting the clouds wallpaper up

after that it should be readable

Made on frontpage™

I’m trying to learn the software

So it turns out the clouds background looks like crap on the site so instead of trying to fix that i’m trying to figure out why my favicon isn’t appearing

Very good idea. It would be nice to also make Windows 98 Pack.

i already have https://2003page.ga/JarHeadgamer/Packs/Win98/98pack.htm

i’m working on a big windows 95 pack update too so look out for that

make a Windows 2000 Pack

there isn’t really any need for a windows 2000 pack since it’s easy enough to download programs on windows 2000

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why msn 4.6 and not 5.0?

msn 5.0 doesn’t sign in on windows 95

Opera, AIM 1, More program compatible with Windows 2000

but why?

Escargot doesn’t like when you try to connect with MSN 4.7.2009 and up on windows versions older than vista

it’s not that there aren’t programs compatible with windows 2000 it’s that it’s easy enough to install programs on windows 2000 without a CD but if you really want it I suppose I could make it happen

There’s already a way to patch Windows 2000 to run some Windows XP applications, like using Firefox 48 (52 doesn’t work for some reason, like on ReactOS, so the keyword is “some”)