I made a new MSN account

I had to far too many contacts, so I I made a new one.


That is why I removed the ones who don’t want to chat and instead add me to their buddy list anyway. This is what keeps my buddy list clear of those who don’t respond to my messages. (not that they’re not busy when I send them messages but it is more about :arrow_right: if not going to respond when the time is right then I don’t need them to be on my buddy list, it also means if there is no response within the next 7 days and it goes into months and years I remove that person anyway). it saves server resources and makes everything run better. :slight_smile:

Someone asked me if I wanted more contacts, and then gave me a list with like 200+ people
I wish I could’ve gone back from that :S

i have more than 400+ people in my buddy list , still not full :stuck_out_tongue:




LOOK, MA, I’M DIFFERENT ok ily discourse :kissing_heart:

In my buddy list I only have 9 people (the ones I talk to). But users I’ve given permission to talk to are more than 200 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have 760 contacts :stuck_out_tongue: but i add more and more and people adds me more and more, i don’t care about a high bunch of messages every day :wink: my Escargot mail: urdanetaa19@gmail.com

same here :smiley: