I love Windows Vista

It is honestly one of my FAVORITE OSes ever! It has a great look and ran FLAWLESSLY on my old computer back in 2007! I really don’t get WHY PEOPLE HATE VISTA so much.


Vista was never fast for me sadly. so i was never a big fan of it. Fine if you are, but Vista is not an OS i really want to use

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i am bi


I love vista

me too. better then fucking 7


Apparently Vista was so inspirational it made veselcraft come out :stuck_out_tongue:


Vista is a great OS, it set the stage for so many things the later versions take for granted, and it does have certain advantages over later versions. I agree with Noah, specifically about the perceived performance. Especially on hardware at the time, sometimes even basic things like opening the Start menu would “feel” sluggish and unresponsive, especially in comparison with XP/7/8. However, it’s still light years faster than what goes on in Win10.

As a bonus, here’s a can of Vista sparkling water they had on Microsoft campus for the Vista launch. (Original Source)


have you cracked one of these open i want to know

wow, i want it

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I like both vista and xp. But I will miss them since their support is ended.

I did, and more than one!

To give context, I’m not sure of the current status, but Microsoft had/has a special relationship with the Talking Rain sparkling water (another Seattle company), and every drink cooler on campus was fully stocked. Since they were buying direct in bulk anyway, they could do special can promotions on campus.

I’ve never seen Talking Rain outside of the northwest, but they still sell it in stores (sans Vista graphics). This Lemon Lime is good, but there’s also a Peach Nectarine flavour that I like just a little bit more :slight_smile:


trekie cracking open a cold one with the boys at microsoft :stuck_out_tongue:

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there is still hope for vista


how did you do that

extended kernel

dl link plz

i love vista

its in WinClient5270 Extended kernel vid through.

Also to install you need to boot into Windows PE (or Windows Setup), and replace the dlls file and you are done, I trying to replace it directly while Windows still running and its caused a BSOD problem.

I like vista but i love windows xp