I have made a msnTV/webtv/msnTV-2 server

i uh forgot to share it. so here it is.
download source: https://github.com/samdisk11/OpenTV/
download dev source: https://github.com/samdisk11/OpenTV/tree/TestDrive
download latest (will edit post on updates) : https://github.com/samdisk11/OpenTV/archive/TestDrive.zip

based off matt and emacs code
oh and uh “someones” “borrowed” server
ok thanks star pls

6:21 PM EDIT: im making a youtube tutorial rn
7 pm edit: i made the tutorial but you might wanna skip the beginning (its just cuss words to bypass coppa youtube) https://youtu.be/qpVb0dOY9AE


it works on msntv 2?

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can’t get this to work

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Have you installed the Perl library? It’s in the help and software folder.


nice. i wonder if there’s a webtv viewer for msntv 2

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there is only a viewer for msnTV 1

Honestly, samdisk’s version is just a broken version of MattMan’s work and does not have any additions to it.

If you want the real version, here you go:
Instructions on how to make it work at:

@samdisk You wrote that it’s based off MattMan and eMacs code, but it’s literally just the same code with some differences. That’s it. Also when I try to open the server EMU on yours it gives me an error and closes. (Yes, I did install Perl and the ocx necessary to make it work.)


its not the same code. sure some core stuff like emac’s servicemanager is the same as the one on matt’s site but most of the files are different and matt’s server is only designed for 1 type of webtv/msntv viewer or box while mine supports all the boxes + the dreamcast at the same time on one server (just like official ms server) and uh to be honest i have alot of new files/features to upload but i moved houses and i cant get to my pc right now… i just have my laptop.

anyways about that OCX error um its because this exe was designed for windows 98/xp but @Matt_Man has built (me???) a v2 of it, i could go on discord and ask him if its ok to upload to the github. it only has some minor changes like launch 2.5 and launch 1.0 and stops you from using more than 1 instance of 2.5/1.0

and make sure to use the testdrive branch as thats the most up-to-date one. it works

One… You’re just using a way outdated version of MattMan’s pack. V2 is contained on the pack I linked up below.
Two… What do you mean that yours supports all the boxes?

Past and before are the same thing and Dreamcast one clearly says that it’s stuck.
Also, MSNTV Viewer 1.0 and 2.5 work on the original work by MattMan and so do original webTV boxes as shown in the video. Also, the exe does have nothing to matter with the OCX error, it’s simply because you miss the necessary OCX dependencies.

Also, I just tested the new branch right now and the webTV viewer crashed on me while the original one simply works and I did the same steps for both (The original and yours).

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mine supports all the boxes (but dreamcast is untested due to emulator being bugged in JP webtv)
anyways i will update the base to matt’s v2 soon to fix the bugs you mentioned (OCX error and viewer crashing)

MattMan’s one does too.

are you talking about the fork he made?

He made? You did do that. You forked GraspYonOx’s Emulator.

EDIT: Just made the EMU work, basically it’s just the original work by MattMan with some differences
but it’s basically the same thing.



I do know that GraspYonOx is MattMan, and they’re not private anymore.

you know GraspYonOx is mattman right… besides he is fine with it and there is a bunch of diffrences, its mostly invisible such as wtv-tricks:// aka webtv admin panel and discuss page
EDIT: those 2 videos are set to private

im going to add a few features now

you have an msntv 2?


the emulator devs finally got modem working on webtv jp
now to deal with more bugs