I have a suggestion for the owner of Escargot


Somewhere here can contact with the owner or owners of Escargot? send to him this suggestion:


I have a suggestion, Please, make the app, Messenger Play! be compatible with your service, here is the Messenger Play! Apk: https://messenger-play.uptodown.com/android (it’s in Uptodown, because it was removed from Google Play) I need that be republished on Google Play and That make it compatible with Escargot.

If any want to talk with me in Messenger, here is my mail: urdanetaa19@gmail.com


@valtron (owner of Escargot) is on vacation at the moment. But a mobile version has already been created and is working (click here to view). As it was not the Valtron that developed it, it worked hard for @Mateus_Rick and @tristanleboss to develop support.


Yeah, Beta Mercury, but this is the oficial, Mercury has some bugs and errors, this is the original Messenger for Android :grinning:

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Unfortunately, other applications besides Mercury are not yet available.

I find it impressive that Mercury has supported an old protocol when it was created, even with newer protocols.
Also, we can not fix bugs, because we do not have the source code.


Hi @Andreso2145 … im see the source of this apk 1 month ago…

The Messenger Play, isn’t the official APP…

Owner: JiveSoftware

And this app… is an XMPP client…

And Escargot Server… doesn’t support this protocol… (for now)


Oh ok, thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:


i have another suggestion. Can somebody help me to revive the j2me version? I think it works with another server. this one is better because it works on every phone (as facebook for every phone)


Ok, this thread is soooo old (idk why @jonath_ramz decided to revive this thread) :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyway, @jonath_ramz you can create a new thread and put your suggestion on that thread :wink: