I have a problem with WLM 8.1

When i try to LogIn in Windows Live Messenger 8.1 in Windows XP, says me this:


If anyone wants to add me on Escargot: urdanetaa19@gmail.com

I’m testing some things in a VM to try to fix this error … If I get something warning.
(This error just happens in Windows XP)


have you checked this?

Valtron has replied to a email that i sended telling him about the problem, he says: Yeah, I know, it’s a Windows XP limitation. Lack of SNI.Can’t be fixed

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welp. i guess you have to install it on your actual pc

My actual PC uses Windows XP .-.

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oh well. i didn’t know :confused:

Idk, My PC uses windows 10 and all working :confused:

Or install new system i dont know really

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It seems to be a problem on XP from any version above 3.6, which sucks because I want that authentic experience, man.

i know another problem:
Screen Names get reset to the email
Statuses reset to nothing

and that means you have SSL1 enabled, if you use only SSL 2 (TLS 1.0 should stay on at all times) you will get a cerfticate error, but you can actually see the escargot website, on SSL1, nothing happens at all.

I believe I just fixed part of it but still can’t login. when i went looking in the internet options in windows xp, I noticed that I already have SSL1.0 enabled along with SSL 3.0 and not SSL 2.0. so I enabled SSL 2.0 and got this error instead of the contact list error.

strange, because there is no SSL3 option in internet setting in WXP, only SSL1/2 and TLS1

I’m guessing it’s because Windows XP did not initially support it, but after updating internet Explorer to the highest version, SSL 3.0 would be available if it’s supported.

This error is due to Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP not supporting SNI (Server Name Indication - allows a web browser to tell a web host what site it is connecting to. The reason why a browser needs to tell the web host it connects to, is so the web browser gets the right HTTPS certificate). According to @valtron, this error can not be fixed.

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Shit, I also seen this error, and had to go back MSN 7.5 on my XP machine. Fortunately, I have a 7. But… MSN 8.1 used to work on XP?! Could another method of ciphering be used, or SNI be installed on XP?

microsoft used special servers that made WLM 8.1 work on windows xp.

it would costs lots of money to create and maintain sepreate WLM 8.1 windows xp servers.

At least thats what valtron said.

Got it, or could another compatible verification methods be added?

when i ran the troubleshooter it said there was a problem with key ports. but anyways there is a way to sign in on xp