I have a Minecraft server [r1.18.2?]

I don’t know where to post it, so I decided to post it here.

IP (not permanent as I can’t port forward nor afford a VPS, ping me when it’s dead): 2.tcp.ngrok.io:13385

i can join maybe.

wait what version is this.

id guess 1.18.2 from the title

played it i give up.

yeah the server would have been less boring if I were here

i kept switching the version multiple times.

it’s now 1.18.2 with what should be beta terrain generator.

Dammit, i can only join alpha1.0.16_01-b1.7.3 servers since 1.18.2 runs like a microwave with SHlT in my computer

does your computer handle at least r1.7.10 because i can add viaversion

is it cracked tho? if not i may actually buy minecraft

and play everything i always dreamed of

it is cracked

k thanks

I made a discord server for the server.

r1.8 is atleast decent in my computer, just with enabling some optifine options, 1.16.5 still lags with optifine


just change your username via a cracked launcher because I cannot remove accounts

i’m on 1.9.4 (on my cracked launcher) i have an error

Minecraft 1.9.4? The server currently does not have ViaVersion installed. It is recommended that you join the server using 1.18.2.

what was your username when you played on the server before you lost the password? because i just found out the auth addon i was using can remove accounts, which can be helpful for those who forgot their passwords