I have a big trouble

Hi everyone,

Today, I was about to contact to my provider to talk about a problem I have, but he is ill.

Now I am in absolute despair because I have a trouble. So I’m going to ask here. I recently bought Railworks Train Simulator 2020 and I installed into a new HP DeskPro 600. I installed it with exit and it perfectly works, but it has a kind of lag when I start a route. And I don’t know if this is caused by the graphic target(wich I don’t know if its installed) or this is caused by the computer, because I’m not sure if it is a lag or it is caused by the FPS, and I don’t think about it’s fault of the computer because it should work perfectly in this PC.

I can describe what happens: I start a route, then I move the camera and it starts to lag, I put it in another camera and the camera seems too slow and the train too.

And in some moments it seems that the train goes back while it continues.

I need immediately help,


its not the game it’s your computer

I searched specs of this pc, it says

Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4600

The GPU is shit for games, other than old games.


Well well, You’ve gotta be honest the computer your using isn’t really good for gaming unless your not using the iGPU


And how can I fix this? Intalling a new graphic target or what?

install a new graphics card or something