I had enough (Don't worry, this is not the end of the world)

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Hello, I, unfortunately have decided that I need to take a break from internet altogether, for a unspecified period of time.

I have made this decision because of personal reasons that include: massive amounts of homework given at school, time that I have to allocate for studying, stress, anxiety, depression, the fact that I have to keep my laptop 24/7 to host my website, loneliness, unable to afford the parts (a raspberry pi for example) or stuff that I need because of my parents not understanding the purpose of that stuff, always having arguments with my parents, anger issues (sometimes I get angry really easily), mental breakdowns. I think that the list is still going on, but you get the idea. And because of the fact that I procrastinate a lot (waste time) on the internet, it made me realized that I feel like a complete failure and that I should give up.
Because of this I had to make this decision for my own good or else I would’ve had to resort to measures that might harm me and I would NOT want to do that.

So, starting with December 2nd I will take a break from the internet and focus on my personal life more.

Before ending this note, I’d like to say some special thanks to some people around the internet where I’ve learned a lot of stuff from, such as: the people at The Expert Team (Nojus, Viktor (known as Crawltime iirc), i430vx, Noah The Windows Guy), PPCB’s server (PPCB, DarkDestroyer, JarHead, Halen (known as webtv plus owner #2), shadonic), Escargot (xproot, tonyshowoff, animadoria, walkingphrasers (or known as OhHelloThereImTheGuy?), icanttellyou), MessengerGeek (TReKiE (Johnathan Kay)), Razorback95 (Kugee) and probably a ton of other people.

And if someone asks that if I’m going to k1ll mys3lf the answer is NO. That’s just stupid. Again, all I’m doing is taking a break. Period.

Have a nice day, night or whatever. Remember, I’ll be back soon.

  • Stefan Alexandru (known as The_Mr_Invincible, StefanXP, StefanXP2006, Salex01 etc.)

For anything important contact me at: salex01 at duck dot com

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