I found @TReKiE on ExpertZone!



his names trekie you Fool…


trikie for messengergeek owner 2020

That’s actually one of the fun facts displayed on his main site, jonathankay.com. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, it seems like ExpertZone was just a web gateway to Microsoft’s newsgroup service, something @TReKiE used to frequent up until they were shut down in 2010. And just so you know, they still exist on the big Usenet providers’ servers, but ISPs, at least in the U.S. AFAIK, don’t include them in your internet package anymore ever since 2008/2009 rolled around (something something child porn being hosted on alt.binaries and high traffic loads), and the current Usenet providers have and still are paid. :stuck_out_tongue: