I found the picture that had msn messenger on windows 3.1( the picture lied :( )

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That’s nice and all, but since you also specified that it was from a YouTube video, I’d like the source for that, too, please.

that is probaly msn messenger service ( a k a msn 1 )

recycle bin in 3.11

nice lie / alt 9x shell there

The source is YouTube i watched a Windows history and i found this picture

I didn’t even notice that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess this was fake all along.

A picture, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh lol i did not notice this too then :confused:

WinAmp on 3.1…

Maybe it’s just Windows 9x or NT4 with PROGMAN as a shell.

folder redirects don’t work with progman, with means my documents couldn’t exist as a icon

recycle bin could work, but not with the same name

I have a myth that there might be a beta version of MSN Messenger which could run on Windows 3.1

Not by chance. Windows 3.1 in 1998-99? I don’t think so.

Possibile with This?

I think it only works with software that was made during 95’s development.
It might be possible to run MSN Messenger on Windows NT 3.51.