I found a scam account on MSN!

Now a little email account “Scammersbot@live.br”. She was sending the following messages as a flood:

Here are all the commands I Understand

1 MalwareBot sent S-Sents you Malware for free
2 MalwareBot change-Change BIOS Settings
3 MalwareBot H-Hacks your Social media Account
4 MalwareBot BZ-Sents you Link of Memz trojan or Bonzi

Here is a print:



@anon50801480 I have forwarded your enquiry.

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:


Well, the Noggy Shield is now needed, luckily, Maigol is finishing it, but now is needed a file scanner

But this is not necessary. Any antivirus detects when the file is downloaded / created / executed.

Ah, Ok, well, i know an spammer user, called: zdmonster1, this user only spams and spams with fake versions of Roblox, i blocked it :neutral_face:

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LOL! Who made this is pretty bored, indeed XDDDD

This account sent me malicious link

Easiest solution ever is go to Tools > Options > Privacy > and check Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages. After that you won’t be bothered by such as those emails except if you accept them to your Allow List.


i was “pranking” he wen’t offline,
“bot” yeah right.

it’s a person who copy pastes
the only way to stop a real life spammer is to “joke ;)”

And yellows111 spam never ends.

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it only starts :wink:
also wtf is this language?
Ο χρήστης Scammersbot@live.br σας έστειλε ένα νεύμα το οποίο απαιτεί την τελευταία έκδοση του MSN Messenger. Για να κάνετε λήψη της τελευταίας έκδοσης του MSN Messenger, μεταβείτε στη διεύθυνση

think he blocked me, don’t know, please get info

The language is Greek

he also claims to have Pre-Relelease sofftware, such as “OS/2 Warp 5”, the “ISO” is just a txt with the character “A”, also thinks that his powerpoint is a beta of my stuff.

theres some “apps” that sometimes look like the real thing, i am not 9, if i was, i would not be on messenger. also seems to have a addiction on the Wireless Air 60 for some reason “xd lol”. also he would be the “normal” type of people that plays roblox everyday.

I had the same guy try to tell me he had OS/2 Warp 5. Which is complete BS xD Idk whats wrong with the dude.

Lol, he’s back.