I found a AOL video game!

OMG I found a AOL Messenger game called Emily is Away, avalible now on Steam!

thanks,we will keep in mind

It’s a after AIM game tho.


Last played: Jul 7, 2016


2.6 hours


still after aim. aim was actually ded in 2015.

AIM died in 2017. Not 2015.

AIM actually was closed in 2017, while it was dead* in the middle of 2015

lol same

me omw to find why emily is away

it was okay

December 19, 2015.
Last time i played. I usually dont go after the achievements.

Played both of them, they are really great! I missed the age of MSN but it was amazing being able to somewhat experience it through EIA. A new one’s supposed to be coming out too!