I feel there's something not really safe about the installer of MSN 7.5

i feel like if i install it it’s just gonna infect my laptop.im nervous about it. Edit:What was your favorite wink on MSN?

Well you don’t have to install it. :smiley: all of what you do is completely up to you. we’re just a community that wants to keep using msn messenger or live messenger as called last it was in service by Microsoft. :heart: @ MSN Messenger hehe

You can get msn from other sites if you want, e.g. http://www.oldapps.com/msn_messenger.php?old_msn=7. (7.0 is recommended to use for now.) Make sure to patch it as the instructions say!


Just to add, you can always have www.virustotal.com check any reasonably sized executable against the world’s antivirus scanners to see if most of them believe it to be malicious or not.


@TReKiE I would totally expect AV software to (falsely!) flag MSN Switcher, on account of it doing suspicious hook stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I’ve had issues before with GCC not creating output executables, only for it to turn out that my AV was instantly removing it because it was a false positive.

ok so i scanned it’s all just good,but question.can i run MSN 7.0 on win 7?

Absolutely, I’m using it on Windows 10 daily and have tested it in 7 as well.

It’s true, but I find it’s pretty obvious when the false positives happen (ie. 2/57 vs 20/57).

Dealing with Reviver false positives almost became a full time position at certain times, but in the end I just gave up. Most AVs would end of solving themselves even without reporting it or just ignored my false positives reports all together… unless I started emailing executives in their company (don’t worry, I was nice :stuck_out_tongue: ). In experimentation I found that what I did in the software didn’t matter to these scanners, what has always kept on getting flagged for me was the WinRAR self extracting container I was using or forgetting to apply a versioninfo resource (the latter being standard output with gcc compilation).

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