I feel good... (Escargot branding for 2020)


Escargot from 2020

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Website redesigns:

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fixed. for @TReKiE (yeah it’s @valtron)

also an logo:

Escargot from 2020

i can not express to you how awful that logo looks. don’t get me started on the webpage design…

if you’re trying to get a redesign for 2020, you are comedically failing



it’s to January 2020

is this meant to be worse than me chewing my own leg?

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da fuk?

Azeem, this reminds me of the Nickelodeon movies logo pre-2009.

btw trekie does NOT OWN escargot

yep, it’s @valtron <-- (which hasen’t been on the forum since a fuck-ton of time and is currently busy with a job)

so busy

it’s like from NTV7 2001


Uses whatever

it’s from malay.

ident and logo is feeling good

btw, you know why it says it’s not associated with NTV7?


that’s why.

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be cuz it’s from 2001 and logo made in 2019/12/13

Logo is badly designed, page is worst than logo (sorry about this but is the truth) and why this obssetion with TV Logos dude?

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Might be good for an 80s April 1st thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow my eyes do not like that at all

My eyes are on fire now