I don't see the winks

Hello, this problem is not with escargot. In my old computer with MSN 7.0 patched reproduce the winks without problems, but in the new computer and that pc of my friend do not reproduce well and are cut.
I installed activex for explorer and flash player, I also tested with flash player NPAPI and PPAPI. And the winks continue to reproduce wrongly, what can be the motive?

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Hey Jose! What Windows version is this machine running?

I have had a similar problem and I’m running Messenger 7.5 on Windows XP, but my problem is Messenger not detecting Flash Player at all. I did post a couple of screenshots in a Discord chatroom a while back and I’ll link them here.

I suspect it might be either because MSN Messenger looks for the pre-acquisition versions of Flash Player, or it might only be looking at the first digit of the version number. I’m not sure. I’m sure Messenger would be using the IE ActiveX version.

You need an older version of ActiveX from Adobe Flash. such as ActiveX Flash Player 9 or 10.1

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10.3 is the last version to support winks for windows XP/7

windows 8 and above dont have that problem

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to look into that. I don’t really need Flash for other things anyway.

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download and install flash 10.3 activeX from here:


Thanks, now working :slight_smile: i use Windows 7 SP2

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