I don't know why i even exist

I feel like i only exist to serve as a punching bag for everybody. I’m just gonna end it all, not that anyone even cares. Hell will be a much better place.


I care, and I’m confident that I’m not the only one.

You can talk to us :slight_smile:

Yeah, the people in this forum make it seem otherwise.

It can be like that sometimes, and they can drain your energy a lot, sometimes more than you realize.

Thanks Jonathan.

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You’re very welcome, always open to chat about anything :slight_smile:


The main cause of this isn’t the forum. It’s stuff that happens me in real life. The people on this forum just worsens the problem.

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I understand, it never is just one thing, and all it takes sometimes is a single thing to go wrong for everything to collapse.

You are sad ? And we care about you ! You are a member of our community ! If you are sad or disappointed you can talk to us,for an example you can talk to me,Jonathan,or other members of this community ! Or your parents or responsables adults ! I hope that it will be better !


hey man dont give up easily i care like jonathan some persons be toxic but remember you have us here we are listening you so have a nice day buddy

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Don’t worry. I got revenge on the person that caused this. Sweet cold revenge. :slight_smile:

ice cold baby

but this not right

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Maybe i should put the story on r/supernovarevnge

who is the guy what make sad

i don’t want any names but can you tell me the username/discord tag of the person

they dont have discord unfortenutly

wow everyone uses discord. how did you get revenge. i expect it to be bad if it’s supernovarevenge worthy

well she ruined my life by framing me for big things like murder (i proved that false easily) and she verbally abused me. recently it started becoming physical. THE REVENGE: first she has a car. so i slit every single tire we had since i had a sharp knife. Then, i framed her for murder (it wasn’t proven false) and all of her friends hate her now. the cherry on top, i completely rekt her reputation. TL;DR: she abused me and framed me for stuff, she got nae-naed.

that’s probably pro revenge or at the most nuclear revenge

no worries bro I respect you)

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