I discovered the Base64 language for the first time!

e̝i"W’hݶ)eyٲqaz+q牶yb az!ע’^jǦz{B�YzvjWiey

try to translate this text from base64!

Also this is a joke

I think you should add two equal signs to the end (ie. e̝i"W’hݶ)eyٲqaz+q牶yb az!ע’^jǦz{B�YzvjWiey==).

Idk I guess

Jeez. Wow.

First of all, Base64 is not a language. It’s a scheme to encode binary data in a text-based format.

That thing you sent is NOT base64. As the name implies, base64 uses 64 different characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, +, /). That’s just garbage.

Not necessarily. The padding character is not essential for decoding, since the number of missing bytes can be inferred from the length of the encoded text.

i was going to say that what livid soul sent was entirely gibberish but i was too lazy to do it. thanks for saying it tho!

Hey @Livid_soul_8RT THIS is a base64 word