I deleted my page in vk

Why you made it?
surveillance of users (including private messages), idiotic functions and restrictions, ban for harmless words and phrases (for example, “The Owl never sleeps (Сова никогда не спит)”, is that bad in this phrase?)

Where are you going to go (or moved)?
Tumblr (for content), Telegram (for messaging)

What will happen to friends who use VKontakte only?
Or let them switch to normal services, or let them rot

To my friends who speaking russia
_Присоеденяйтесь в телеграм и в эту конфу: https://t.me/joinchat/CDUxDlL-QnAUIlRnbyca3g_

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Nice pic

и чо мне делать, придется в тг заходить?

Messenger used to do similarly to curtail spim, and that may be an explanation for what appears to be harmless phrases end up on the ban list.

I’m not sure about Russia and VKontakte, but it’s been my observation with Facebook that younger (single) people (say, those under age 30), either have never made an account, have deleted their account or have an account but do not typically use it.

So you are in good company :slight_smile:

Avast Twitter, lads! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Or better yet, in the case of public expression, get all the creative freedom you want by learning some HTML and finding a place to host a website with, or if you want your expression to be private, go back to IMs. :stuck_out_tongue:)

ты охуеешь но да
и ты от вконтактика избавляйся ^^

it was just recently that insults began to ban
and yes - there are a lot of trolls in the VK. highly. a lot. and inadequate too.

не могу :confused:

this is related to Blue Whale/Red Owl, i think; a real life game where suicide is the goal


чо зависим уже???

все обычно там общаются, поэтому там и сижу :confused:

This now a russian category

я не смогу избавится от вк т.к это все же САМАЯ популярная соц. сеть в России, в которой сидят ВСЕ мои друзья и родственники. Хотя использовать другие соц сети как основные тоже идея

You just made me want to look it up :stuck_out_tongue:

у меня наоборот - родные сидят не в вк, в одноклассниках, моём мире (я в них очень редко захожу), в телеграм есть, и мама, и папа, и друзья уже в телеграм переехали, так что не страшно