I can't visit messengergeek on WLM, IE (on Windows 7, however it's load on Windows 10 for some reason)

title and this image say it all:

I enabled All TLS but it still :confused:

I tried on IE but still:

however, Chromium Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows 10 and XP (fully patched, TLS 1.2) with ProxHTTPSProxy worked fine but only connected, isn’t a broken Windows 7 installation?, I got it directly on Microsoft using heidoc.net Windows ISO Downloader and it’s was Windows 7 2018 version.
My School PC have a same problem aswell.

seem like the forum maybe having problem with ie in windows 7

I don’t think Internet Explorer supports the HTML web standards needed for MessengerGeek.

It worked for me last time I checked but that wasn’t recently

it does support it

Well, I also tried it on School PC which running Windows 7 and it’s still the same.
It’s does work with Windows 10 (my Laptop), But NOT Windows 7(Main PC, and one of school computer).

Versions older than IE 11

do you have the wlm tab update installed

Sorry about this @Dung, a recent compulsory update to the forum software from a few days ago seems to have disabled some of the SSL ciphers that are needed for out-of-box Windows 7 support. I haven’t fully finished figuring out which ciphers I need for best security/compatibility, but I’m hoping to have this fixed by tomorrow. I’ll update this thread when I’m done.

@Dung This should be fixed now, give it a try.

worked now.


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Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Also, cool setup there :stuck_out_tongue: