I can't setup the wlm server cus this happens

i’m trying to setup the wlm server and i get this when i do the command to install the requirements.

if you can help me, please PM spudpiggy#2989 on discord as it will save a lot of time

Wait, you’re spudpiggy, i thought Spudpiggy was a different person, like i thought it was a 12 year old child who found MG in a video.

He said he changed his name to spudpiggy like 3 weeks to a month ago.

Install the damn Visual Studio build tools.

i did.
if you wanna help me just PM me on discord

You are missing basetad.h in the Windows 10 SDK. Windows 10 is a mess don’t use it.

Which is why I’m installing Windows 7. :stuck_out_tongue: