I can't receive an e-mail to reset my Escargot account's password

i didnt get my reset password email sooooo any help?

I just tested this, and even checking on my e-mail provider’s webmail client, I haven’t received any e-mail at all regarding the possibility to reset my Escargot account’s password. I should look into this ASAP.

It appears that Escargot uses MailJet, an e-mail marketing solution, in order to send those password reset e-mails. Specifically, it uses a module that connects to the REST API where the server sends an API key and a secret key to authenticate itself before sending the e-mails.

Most likely, the keys have been invalidated for either of the following:

  • Each plan, excluding the Enterprise plan, has a limit of e-mails you can send with the API per month. The MailJet account that holds the API keys for Escargot have most likely been walled due to potentially going past that limit.

  • @valtron probably ended up not paying for the paid plans, if he did sign up for those, so the MailJet account would be suspended unless he found a way to get the account back into working order.

Those are my observations. Hopefully he can either find a way to make the e-mail system flawless or he’ll have to set up his own SMTP server.

Well, it’s been confirmed by @valtron that MailJet is just being stubborn, and he can’t resort to a custom SMTP server since his deployment server provider blocks the outgoing SMTP port, so he’ll try to resolve the problem with MailJet support.

I can confirm that a couple days ago, @valtron got the issue sorted out, and now you should be able to go through the password reset procedure as normal. :slight_smile: