I can't configure

When I paste commands [Python] to CMD As Admin, nothing pops up.

I created system variables, I created settings_loocal.py with:

DEBUG = True

python dev doesn’t make certificate

Please help me.

its python cmd not normal python

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It’s python cmd nothing. If you’re talking about the Python command prompt then that’s only for Python code, not for running Python applications.

Also OP the system variables are the ones at the bottom of the environment variables window, in case you didn’t know already.

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So what should I do?

your supposed to open a windows command prompt window not a python one

But I opened CMD as administrator.

oh, your supposed to type py instead of python because cmd gives a syntax error when typing python for some reason

O f*** Thank You!!!

Okay. Python works, but what’s going on there:

The easiest solution is to just downgrade to Python 3.6. Nothing’s gained or lost when doing that.

just a question, what version of python did you install?

Okay. I forgot about downgrade. I have Python 3.8. Is Python 3.6.8 good?

Okay. Now again is error :expressionless: (I have installed Python 3.6.4)