I cant call my friend

When i call my friend i got this message Messenger is not available right now. Please try again later. (0x80ee001c)

Please help me i realy wanna to talk with my friend :frowning:

Hi @Boris_Karaklic.
Sorry for the problem, it is a known bugg on Escargot, so you can’t use voice call yet because it didnt patched yet (or unpatchable but it’s 20%). Or you can use voice call ONLY in Local Area Network.
You only can write.

Have a nice day.

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When will you fix this?

afaik it will work if you and the person you are calling port forward 6981 TCP

type in ipconfig into cmd and copy “Default Gateway” into your browser to go into your router settings and port forward

did but still not working.

did the person you are calling port forward?
also, if your ISP uses CGN you cant open ports

come and test it again