I can install windows vista on this crap?

btw system
Intel Atom N270 1.60GHz
0,98GB mem
49,9GB HDD
without dvd
have wifi
have crap audio

yes but it will run like total shit, might as well keep xp on it

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Don’t even try, it will run terribly

Well you would be limited to Vista Home Basic and remove/disable many resource hoggy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Put a lightweight Linux distro on this early netbook, it will run much faster.

linux is crap for me

What is wrong with Linux? There is nothing that you can do with Windows on these old netbooks.

why so? netbook can work on windows too.


oh no, on netbook running windows xp home edition perfectly

That’s because it was made for potatoes.

Nah I would just keep XP on it. Or just make a fresh install of XP

And yeah you should try linux just for fun. And you should really learn Linux imo. Or even some sort of BSD version with a desktop enviorment.

Ohhh, or you can install a small Linux distro and put a WM like i3 on it, that would be interesting

yeah like Ubuntu Minimal / LXDE or Lubuntu

I have used BSD once.

i have ubuntu 19 on my home server:/ and I use it very often