I-Buddy and Windows Media Player

Hello! So I got myself an I-Buddy, wich is a little thing that reacts to received messages in wlm and it works (even if it’s old it does work on windows 10), but there is a feature wich make it move to a music but it doesn’t detect the music and I always get this message : "

", and I have windows media player installed, so I think it have to do with the wmp api or some kind of things like that, so I would like to know if there’s a way to fix that, maybe by installing a special version or idk, but anyway thanks :slight_smile:

NOTE : I did not tested if it work on windows 7 with wmp, but I think it would

  • : I’m on windows 10

Ah the i-Buddy! That’s a great find. Where did you get it?

Would it be possible to upload the software somewhere? I did a basic check from archive.org etc. and couldn’t find a working copy.

Based solely on the error message, I suspect it’s trying to pull the song info from the Now Playing window itself using the standard Windows APIs, which wouldn’t work on its own in newer WMP versions, but there’s no way to know without checking the software. And if it does work that way, it likely wouldn’t be that hard to fake the window and make it work with different music players.

Well, I can send a copy of the software but it require a serial key (0000-0000-0000-0000 works just fine)

just do it


Gosh, peer pressure :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair, it really is the sort of thing that probably should uploaded to archive.org, the i-buddy is a part of internet history. I’m surprised it’s not already there. After all, there’s libraries, python-based daemons, and other third-party development for it. How big is this software anyway?

Back to the original question though, I had another idea, as a test, you could use a virtualization tool that supports USB and sound, like Virtualbox or VMware, install an older version of Windows (XP or Vista probably), and see what happens with those versions of Windows Media Player.

ok i’ll see that and the software is already archived by someone else (the 2.0 version of the i-buddy manager) thanks :slight_smile: