I am WLMKid

hello. before i get into everything i will introduce myself. hello. my name is wlmkid. (aka graphingpaper aka pika shin). i used to be a active member of this website from 2018-2020. 2 years ago i was a very annoying, incompetent 9 year old, and two years before that i was a innocent child who had just turned 7.

i did stuff like: make alt accounts after getting suspended (this is still offending that), and fabricate a whole story about “WLMKID HAS WENT TOO FAR!” and then proceeding to incriminate myself.

i would like to apologize to everyone who i was a nuisance to, and hope you are doing well.

this has been a burden on my shoulders and i am glad to finally get it off there.

i will also send my deepest apologies to LushPineapple96, for repeatedly harassing him.

my last request to this forum for probably awhile will be to have every mention of WLMKid, GraphingPaper, and Ween scrubbed off this website, especially WLMKid, as you can still see my real name when you see the profile overview. and after awhile i want this to be scrubbed too. i want to end this 5 year chapter of my life for good.

thank you for reading this.

ps. this account is a throwaway if it wasnt obvious

i also just found out the term “WLMKid” is also associated with a White Lives Mater youtube channel. even more reason to scrub it.

wait wait, 90% of the people here are new, so they dont know about it. also we can welcome you back in! I also did some crappy stuff.