I am getting my flu vaccine today

hopefully it goes well


and im already autistic for the antivaxxers here :V


You’ll be totally fine, the “flu shot” is one of the best well known vaccines as it has to be tweaked every year, and millions upon millions of people have been getting it for many decades.

Then again, maybe it could activate your sonic hedgehog

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yay i can run at the speed of sound after getting a flu shot :slight_smile:


honestly why do we need to know about this

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How can you describe an autistic person? I have no idea how can you describe such type of people.

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google it i guess

I’m autistic.

Wait. i am also autism.

im autism

hello yes i am an autism


i’m the cause for autism

yes i am an autism

What is the cure? :stuck_out_tongue:

antivaxxers: ESSENTAIL OILS!!!