How would I go about patching WLM 2009?

I know it’s not been pre-patched, but I’ve seen the screenshots of people having logged in to it, so I was wondering how to do it.

It seems that it’s complicated… I would just wait until WLM 2009 is released. Currently the lucky ones are testing.

I know the process involves that .DLL on the Escargot site, but I’m not aware of what to do with it or what else to do.

I don’t really think there is documentation for patching that version.

Wait… wait.

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it will worth (?

If you patch it is just not going to work because the server doesn’t fully support MSNP18 yet so it’s pretty much useless right now :pensive:

you can sign in, but the program either crashes instantly, or doesn’t display your contacts or anything

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so it works but it doesn’t
insert seinfeld theme here

It will take about several months to patch all the issues.