How Update Red Star OS 3.0? (linux)

how update sofrware in red star os?

You probably wouldn’t be able to update unless you actually went to the DPRK and connected to their Intranet, thought I don’t know for sure.

i’m installed in my real pc with ethernet good working
need remove ipjetable for connecting to internet
is pretty this os

with tricks now in english

is based from red hat

for video the player is call quicktime player 1.0

but all old package is need update…

i try yum update but not workig

Try to link red hat main repo in sources.list (idk how to make this on rh I use Debian)

why are you using a North Korean bootleg OS :stuck_out_tongue:

Because pretty os
Quicktime 1.0 play all have codec

Stop being retarded :stuck_out_tongue:

In pentium 4 real my star os

Why do you want to use a North Korean operating system? At least It doesn’t have their propaganda

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because is. Clone macos. Really. Pretty and. Fast,same wAllpaper. Is. Not bad
Kernel. Li nux is 2013


Build your own RPM’s… If you want a KDE 4 desktop then use Slackware and then add a Mac OS X layout addon.

No for me star os 3
Have quicktim 1 is nice

FUck, i thought your pfp was scout from tf2.


The QuickTime in the Red Star OS is NOT the QuickTime you know.

For me real because all work video and codec too i tested movie