How to setup Windows Media Player with windows Live Messenger 2012


These are the steps to set up windows live messenger 2012 with windows media player in order to shows what song you’re listening on messenger:

1)open windows media player from the start menu

2)right-click with your mouse and check ‘show menu bar’

3)then select Tools->Plug-ins->Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin. make sure that its ‘ticked’

4)Go on windows live messenger 2012 click your name and then click ‘more options’

5)make sure that ‘show information about the song i’m listening too’ is ‘ticked’.

Now you can show the track that you’re listening on windows live messenger 2012



Wow, Nice to see that this feature is still working as i used to use it on my MSN Live Messenger 2009 befor it was killed off.

Thank you for posting this.