How to run Windows XP apps on Windows 10 with virtual machines? (with a Not really low-end PC)

Have a good virtual machine that runs really smoothly with this PC specs?
Celeron J3060 @1.60GHZ Max:2.40GHZ
Intel HD Graphics 400
BIOS: American Megatrends 2016 with Centrium UEFI
Overclock: impossible to do that
Virtualization: Yes
Drivers updated: Updated lastly 06/xx/2020 in MM/DD/YY
Monitor cleaned: I will clean later (but no)
RAM: 4GB (great)
MAX RAM Acceptable: 8GB RAM (4 GB RAM to go! but I don’t want it for now)

DISCLAIMER: plz don’t say Virtualbox (EXCEPT IF IS TO CHANGE THE SETTINGS DIFFERENTLY TO A ORIGINAL ONE) because that is because i’m replying because I want to get alternatives of it

You don’t even need a virtual machine for this at all, you just run the installer of the application.

I said In a not compatible app or just… don’t working as expected

VMware is a good Virtualbox alternative, try looking into it.

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i can get u a windows xp cloud vm i’ll talk to mohannad