How to properly setup Skype 5.5 with "live:" or normal microsoft accounts

Another useful thread. Cool :stuck_out_tongue:

if you have an old skype name (without the live: prefix), you dont have to do this proccess
btw, add me live:eper98 (might make a new acc soon) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly, everytime you restart Windows, you need to do that trick again :stuck_out_tongue:

no? for me it never happens. skype stays logged in fine

Here, Skype 5.5 does logon, but, after 10 seconds, logoff.

for me, i do have to do the trick again ever time i close skype 5.5

rip everyone who doesnt have a real account still because those were the good old days

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last time i ever used skype was, remember messenger reviver? Back in 2016 i remember using messenger 2012 for a very short while, somehow i had my skype contact list.

I think at some point they merged the contact list or it was patched to use it :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but i didn’t had anyone on skype.

Well IDK :cat2:

Thinking of creating an automatic program for this though that runs on startup and deletes those files for you :stuck_out_tongue:

With basic .BAT knowledge this can be possible.

well duhhhhhhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who are lazy, here you go :stuck_out_tongue: accptch.exe (197.4 KB)
Just add this to startup :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, if only it worked now

Spoiler; it fucking doesn’t


It’s gone…

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yeah is gone for good

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maybe some temporary outage…(probably not but let’s hope for that)

Skype 5.5 - 7.x have stopped working for a while now. Your only option is Skype 8 right now.