How to manually install Windows 10 via CMD in Installer

Credits: Endermanch

  1. Press Shift + F10 to open CMD on the installer

  2. Follow these commands to format our partition:

  • diskpart
  • sel disk 0
  • convert gpt
  • create part efi size=500
  • format fs=fat32 quick
  • assign letter w
  • create part primary
  • format fs=ntfs quick
  • assign letter c
  • exit
  1. Type “cd /d D:\sources”

  2. Type “dism /apply-image /imagefile:install.wim /index:1 /applydir:C:” to copy Windows over to C:

  3. Type “bcdboot C:\Windows /s W:” to create MBR

  4. Goto regedit and do this:

  • Load hives in C:/Windows/system32/config “SOFTWARE” and “SYSTEM”

  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SoftwareHiveName/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System

  • Create “VersboseDefault” DWORD and set it to 1

  • Edit “EnableCursorSurpression” and set it to 0

  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SystemHiveName/Setup

  • Modify CmdLine and set it to “cmd.exe”

  • Exit Regedit

  1. Go to CMD and type “wpeutil reboot” to reboot

  2. When we get into CMD in the bootscreen, we will type “oobe\windeploy” to finish some stuff

  3. When it says “Getting Ready” create a Admin user with:

  • net user /add “your name”
  • net localgroup /add users “your name”
  • net localgroup /add administrators “your name”
  1. Open regedit and to this
  • Set OOBEInProgress to 0
  • Set SetupType to 0
  • Set SystemSetupInProgress to 0
  • Exit regedit
  1. Exit CMD

  2. Wait several minutes

Now when we reboot everything must be up and running, and we skipped OOBE too

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Wow, nice steps! Will try that in VM later.

did you do it?

I currently have other stuff to do, so still not yet. Later after i finish the stuff i have, but don’t worry, i will try it.

Thanks, I will do this when I download a windows 10 in PenDrive Boot

USB Stick, i also didnt know that

but why

you can add /compact to the end of the cmd to copy windows so it will be a 5gb installation, plus with enough skills you can activate windows 10 for free in the CMD in the bootscreen, and you skip the annoying OOBE too

Works, thanks very much! Made on a real computer

too hard, and my partitions are different than vmware

needs to find out where is, I see that was some problems, but, you can try to search where is, and, worked fine