How to make your own NetMeeting directory server (GUIDE)

Hello everyone, i’m back after one year. :slight_smile:
In this guide i will show you how can you make your own NetMeeting server.

You will need:

  • A Windows 2000 Advanced Server VM or real computer
  • Internet Connection (duh)
  • A Router with port forwarding if you plan to host it on the web
  1. Go to the Control Panel or do WIN + R and type control.exe IMAGE

  2. Go to Add/Remove Programs and click Add/Remove Windows Components IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2

  3. Click on “Networking Services” and check the box of “Site Server ILS Services” IMAGE 1 IMAGE 2

  4. Install it and reboot your machine/VM

  5. When you are on the desktop open the Command Prompt and type (without quotes)
    ilscfg /port 389
    6.Now open your NetMeeting client and when asked to put a directory server url put your IP of your machine (or DDNS) and it will work!