How to make big sized emoticons?

greetings guys, it has been a while so no matter how big the emoticon i import is. it becomes the size of the normal one i remember there was a way to make them bigger can anyone tell me please :slight_smile:

To make big emoticons, you’ll have to firstly use a program that’s capable of exporting to GIF format, and second, be aware that even big emoticons in Messenger have a size limit (IIRC it’s 52x52 pixels) so take caution when making them. Firstly, you’ll have to create two frames, both being the image you want to make into an emoticon. In the second frame, change the color of a single pixel to something that isn’t very noticeable to the naked eye. Also preferably you can make the GIF loop just to make sure Messenger renders it as a large emoticon. Then you export the GIF and add it to your emoticons. Credit goes to @TReKiE for teaching me the trick ~2 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, it worked like charm!

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