How to make an homestuck fighting game?

i mean for real how you do that? in unity.

first things first you take a c# class and then you learn unity, then you start writing…

ok…where do i find one?

somewhere online.

instruction unclear, made a pc port of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

say, wtf vriska?

it’s a meme.


but now i want to make a mega man like game with vriska now that i said that.

but but but your vriska lol
but use mugen, its easier

no i’ll make it in game maker.

This might confuse you:

i mean ok…y’all runnin wmware?

actually its windows 10 cosplaying as longhorn m4


can you like
stay on topic please

It could take years for newcomers to programming to get comfortable with c# and Unity. I’d recommend looking into something already made like Mugen. There’s countless tutorials on how to make custom Mugen characters, and it saves you the headache of having to learn an entire programming language + engine :wink:

Unless you are absolutely hellbent on learning c# and Unity, I’d recommend reading up on the Unity documentation and watching tutorials for c# on Youtube.

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omg among us in windows longhorn???
among twitter us sus… among us sus. SUS twitter

Haha… this is my profile picture for my windows 10

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